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We are a global energy trading, marketing, and transportation company that aims at improving lives through easier access to reliable, affordable and ever-cleaner energy.

Who we are and what drives us and our Company

About Us

TJC Global Energy Limited is an evolving energy marketing, trading and transportation company that has its headquarters in Accra, Ghana. Our goal as an integrated energy company is to make sure we meet Ghana’s ever-increasing demand for energy by offering important midstream services such as transporting, processing, storage and asset maintenance for natural gas and oil operations.

Oil & Gas Importing & Trading

Human progress increases when there is access to energy which improves lives and hence helps people enjoy the benefits of living in modern society. Hence TJC Global Energy Limited works round the clock to make sure cheap, reliable and clean energy is available for millions of people who reside in Ghana and depend on us. We have a very well determined Operational Excellence System that consistently manages workforce health and safety along with the process reliability, integrity, safety, environment, security and efficiency so that we can meet our organizational objectives.

Midstream Oil & Gas Operations

We are primarily involved in Midstream services which is a phase in oil production that involves the processing, storage, and transportation of oil and gas to refineries and end-users. TJC Global Energy's midstream phase serves an important role in our oil and gas energy operations. Our mainstream services help transport the raw crude oil produced in oil fields and transform it into usable crude products that can be ultimately be used by end-users. This division three main functions are – processing, transportation, as well as storage and logistics of oil & natural gas.

Power Generation & Distribution

We're also a leading distributor of power in Ghana with a multitude of transmission infrastructure with 25 projects* spanning ~13,700 circuit km in Ghana. TJC Global Energy Limited is amongst Ghana’s leading private sector power-producing companies that believes in the efficient utilization of all available resources. From managing operations, enhancing social and economic benefits, minimizing environmental impacts and employing cutting-edge innovation, TJC Energy has grown steadily and strongly through the years and has ushered in a new age of power utility efficiency.

We have a very well determined Operational Excellence System that consistently manages workforce health and safety along with the process reliability, integrity, safety, environment, security and efficiency so that we can meet our objectives.

Construction & Engineering

Headquartered in Ghana, TJC Global is reliable and trusted construction and engineering company that can successfully carry out residential and commercial construction projects of all sizes. Our team can walk you through from the early stages of designing and planning a project… Right through to completion.

Mining Operations

We're a rapidly growing, African mining company, developer, and explorer of precious metals, ore, and other earth commodities. TJC Global has an experienced and focused board and operations team with a track record of delivering on promises, and providing capital growth through operational efficiency.

Company Vision

Our vision is to become one of the global leaders in the integrated energy business with viable growth, excellent knowledge and perfect governance practices. We work towards improving our operational standards constantly so we can improve the quality of life and work towards ensuring a greener and cleaner world.

Company Mission

We want to grow our company so that it is a globally competitive force and can be used as a benchmark as one of the best organisations in the world via capacity building and technology up-gradation in all aspects of the industry. We value our customer’s satisfaction through the quality of our service and products.

Our Services

Most of our operations demand processing, distribution and storage of crude oil, refined products, natural gas and petrochemicals. The main services of TJC are –

TJC Global

Oil & Gas


TJC Global

Oil & Gas


TJC Gobal

Oil & Gas


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Working towards a better Future

Our division of Oil and Gas executes a vital responsibility when they maintain the balance of the supply and demand dynamics of the gas and oil trade. We have huge storage tanks all over the country which store huge amounts of natural gas, oil and various petrochemicals which permits the country to a lot of control over the crude oil price in the nation. This in itself is a very important and integral reason as to why we are in the energy business in the first place. 


Safety First

We value life above all else. We are laser-focused on safety and believe in a proactive and comprehensive approach to avoid accidents.


We act with utmost honesty and transparency and value a culture of openness, collaboration, respect and accountability.

Constant Innovation

We strive to innovate, achieve excellence and thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic and everchanging oil and gas industry.

Quality Assurance

We believe in giving only the best to our clients and never compromise on the quality of our products at any cost or circumstances.

Meet the experts who are making TJC Global a huge success

The Team

Our people are our biggest resource. Their collaboration, creativity and ingenuity have been significant in being able to meet the challenges presented by the energy necessitate of Ghana. 

Abdul-Rahman Yissah

Board Member & ED, business development & Strategy

Baffuor-Acheamfuor Prince

Chief Executive Officer

Dr.Samuel Christian Atuahene

Senior Advisor &
Board Member

Dr. Saju

General Manager - Health Safety Security

Enoch Dankwa Ababio

General Manager

Christiana Bertha Puozuing

General Manager, Public Relations & CSR

We are trusted by more than 10,000 clients

Our goal as an integrated energy company has always been to make sure that we meet Ghana’s ever-increasing demand for energy. TJC Global Energy Limited works round the clock to deliver cheap, reliable and clean energy to the millions of people who reside in Ghana and depend on us.

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The foundation of TJC’s business strategy is safe and efficient mainstream operations combined with superior customer service and profitability. To this end, our vast network of strategically-located energy infrastructure will continue delivering energy for decades to come – moving the fuels of today and delivering diverse energy solutions for tomorrow. 

Affordable energy sustains and improves our everyday lives.


Reliable and affordable energy sustains and improves our everyday lives. It lights and heats our homes and powers businesses and transportation. At TJC Global Energy, we take pride in doing our part to deliver safe, reliable and affordable energy to our customers and the communities who depend on it.

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